Reliability of Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews can be confusing. If you live in Wisconsin, you know Wisconsin attorneys advertise too much. Sadly, the Internet is worse. Not only do national outfits run ads, but Google Ads even put two Wisconsin personal injury law firms in court. Plus, Web reviews may be faked or quickly go from a couple to dozens. Be careful with too many Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews, as that may be a sign of fakes.

Best Place for Reviews

The best place to find Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews, and most professional reviews, is LinkedIn’s Recommendations. Unlike 90% of social media, it’s hard to fake a good LinkedIn profile. More important, you usually only connect on it through someone you know or trust. Knowing and trust your lawyer is key. You may feel like you know some pseudo-celebrity t.v. advertising lawyer, but can you trust them? And do you really know them? With LinkedIn, you may find someone you personally know or trust did a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer review.

Reviews are a Tool in the Tool Chest

Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews are only a tool. LinkedIn is best, but whether its Google, Yelp, or another, see reviews as just a tool in the tool chest. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer is essential. If you find someone you know or trust reviewed a lawyer, then that is a good start.

Next, make sure the lawyer is respected. Check their website and look for honors like The Best Lawyers In America, SuperLawyers, AV Martindale-Hubbell ratings, Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, and U.S. News & World Report. Those honors are important since how other lawyers view your attorney matters more then how the public votes in some popularity contest – if you want the best result.

Finally, call the lawyer’s office and see whether you get to talk to one of the highly rated senior partners. If not, then you should not hire them.

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