Wisconsin Lawyer Referrals

Wisconsin Lawyer ReferralsEveryone deserves a lawyer they can trust and nothing gives a person needing legal advice more peace of mind than a real referral. Generally, people want to work with lawyers they know – or know of, which is why some firms pay hefty sums for TV ads that include “testimonials,” athletes, actors etc. But we, at Pasternak & Zirgibel, believe in better.

We believe in giving our friends real referrals – referrals to great lawyers who have respect, understanding, and uncompromising integrity. We know we cannot help in areas like criminal, family, probate, employment, or corporate law so we choose to provide our friends the names of such problem solving lawyers. These real referrals give our friends, and their friends, peace of mind.

The simple truth is that by giving our friends real referrals, we know we are protecting our community and investing in our future. Thus, if you need a real referral, feel free to call or email us. We will help provide the solution.