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Premise Liability Lawyers in Wisconsin

A Milwaukee premises liability accident lawyer represents victims who have been injured at work, in stores or while visiting on premises that belong to others. A premises liability lawsuit may be brought if a victim is injured or killed because of the negligent design, construction or maintenance of property. Potential defendants include the architects, builders, owners, operators and subcontractors who may have created the dangerous condition which caused a person to be injured or killed.

Hazardous property accidents can occur in many different ways and include but are not limited to: construction accidents, defective stairs and ramps, falling merchandise, inadequate security, nursing home neglect and slips, trips and falls.

If you have been hurt in an accident on someone else’s property then an experienced Wisconsin premises liability lawyer from the law firm of Pasternak & Zirgibel will review the facts of your case and help you identify the proper defendant(s). We understand that someone else’s negligence likely caused you to sustain significant injuries and we are committed to helping you recover.

How a Wisconsin Hazardous Property Accident Lawyer Can Help You

A Milwaukee hazardous property attorney will help you recover damages by investigating your claim, negotiating with the defendants and litigating the case if a successful settlement agreement cannot be reached. You can request a free, no obligation consultation with a Milwaukee premises liability attorney. During that consultation, the attorney will review the facts of your case and applicable law with you. Wisconsin common law likely applies to your claim and the statutory Wisconsin Safe Place law may also be applicable.

When you decide to enter an attorney client relationship with a Wisconsin premises liability lawyer from Pasternak & Zirgibel, your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case in order to name the proper defendants and to file your claim. Due to Wisconsin laws and statutes of limitations, it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

    Hazardous Property Accident Victims May be Entitled to Damages

    If you successfully settle your case or win at trial then you will be entitled to damages for your injuries. Damages may include compensation for past and future medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost income and pain and suffering. Damages are highly individualized based on the unique circumstances of every premises liability victim and may be diminished if the court finds that the victim was at fault for any of the accident. Your Milwaukee hazardous property accident attorney will review your possible damages with you based on the facts of your case.

    Types of Premises Liability Cases We Handle


    Falling Merchandise

    Construction Accident

    Nursing Home Neglect

    Defective Stairs

    Slip, Trip and Fall

    Verdicts & Settlements Involving Premise Liability

    We strive to help make our community safer by deterring negligent and wrongful conduct. These cases and awards are examples of significant results obtained with our attorneys’ efforts in personal injury litigation involving wrongful death or serious injuries. 

    $11,400,000 was awarded in regards to a premises liability falling merchandise case with closed-head brain injury.

    $1,130,000 was awarded regarding a ski chairlift fall involving ankle fracture and fibromyalgia.

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    Premise Liability Lawyers

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