Wisconsin Whistleblower Lawyers

Wisconsin Whistleblower lawyers represent individuals who have specific knowledge of fraud or frauds committed against the federal government, such cases are sometimes called Qui Tam lawsuits.  U.S. law permits individuals with such knowledge of fraud or false claims to bring lawsuits and share in the government’s recovery against those committing the fraud.  A Wisconsin Whistleblower lawyer will help such individuals in pursuing the fraud and damages and help you to recover part of any monetary award received by the government.

How a Wisconsin Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help You

If you have information that a fraud or false claim has been submitted to the federal government, then you should contact one of our attorneys so that we can meet with you to gather the facts of your case.  Our attorneys will determine who the proper defendants are for the case.

Whistleblower litigation in Wisconsin and elsewhere will often involve health-care businesses (such as nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device makers), defense contractors, and fraudulent activity related to federal research grants, U.S. subsidy programs, federal building construction, government equipment, and information technology.

The most frequent instances of whistle blower lawsuits are brought through current or former employees of health care companies, including hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, drug makers and  medical product manufacturers.  Often, these current or former employees have information about fraud and abuses of federal healthcare programs Medicare and Medicaid.  Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud violations may include phantom charges, overcharging, and falsifying data relating to healthcare.  With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), it is anticipated that such fraud may increase.

Wisconsin Whistle blowers may get Damages

Significant financial damages can be awarded in a whistle-blower lawsuit.  Your Wisconsin Whistleblower lawyer will work hard to recover damages for the fraud made upon the federal government whether by settlement or jury award and will work with the federal government to pursue damages.

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The Milwaukee Whistleblower attorneys of Pasternak & Zirgibel are concerned about Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, and other frauds committed against our federal government.  Our attorneys work with each client to meet the client’s individual needs and provide legal assistance.

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