Milwaukee Misdiagnosis Lawyer

A Milwaukee misdiagnosis lawyer represents victims who were physically harmed by their doctor’s failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of their condition.  Many victims suffer needlessly because of a doctor’s misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose and some patients die because of their doctor’s mistakes.  The Wisconsin misdiagnosis lawyers of Pasternak & Zirgibel are committed to helping misdiagnosis victims and their families with their legal claims.  We encourage you to let us help you with your financial recovery during this difficult time so that you can concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery.

A Wisconsin Misdiagnosis Lawyer Can Help Victims Recover Damages

It is important for victims of medical misdiagnoses or late diagnoses to understand that they may be entitled to legal damages for the medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering that they endured as a result of their doctor’s negligence.  In almost every case, it is necessary to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor in order to recover damages.  The skill of an experienced Milwaukee misdiagnosis attorney is often essential to that recovery.

How to File a Milwaukee Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

The first step in filing a Milwaukee misdiagnosis lawsuit is to contact a Wisconsin misdiagnosis lawyer for a free consultation. During your first meeting, an experienced Milwaukee late diagnosis lawyer will ask questions about when you first sought medical treatment, your symptoms at that time, the steps your doctor took to diagnose you, when you were correctly diagnosed and the harm that was caused by the original misdiagnosis or late diagnosis.

After your meeting and your attorney’s investigation into the facts of your case, you may be advised to file a lawsuit against the doctor who made the misdiagnosis.  A lawsuit may be filed within three years from the time that you found out about, or should have discovered, the misdiagnosis.

Your formal lawsuit begins when your Milwaukee misdiagnosis attorney files a complaint in state court alleging that the doctor is liable for medical malpractice because of the misdiagnosis or late diagnosis.  The complaint will specifically allege that:

  • the doctor owed you a duty of care;
  • the doctor breached that duty of care by failing to correctly diagnose you when a reasonable doctor with similar credentials would have properly diagnosed you based on your personal health history and the symptoms you presented.  For example, your Milwaukee cancer misdiagnosis attorney would argue that other Milwaukee doctors who practice internal medicine would have correctly diagnosed you but that your doctor did not.
  • The doctor’s breach of his duty of care caused you harm that would not have occurred but for the doctor’s breach of duty.  If you would have suffered the same medical outcome whether you were properly diagnosed or misdiagnosed then the doctor’s breach of duty of care did not cause your injuries.  However, if you could have received treatment for your condition that would have lessened your pain or improved your prognosis then the doctor’s breach of duty of care likely did cause you harm; and
  • You are entitled to damages as a result of the doctor’s medical malpractice.

The doctor, through his attorney, will answer the complaint and both sides will engage in discovery and pretrial motions.  The parties may settle the case or proceed to trial.  Your Wisconsin misdiagnosis attorney will represent you through all of the stages of your legal case.

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The experienced Wisconsin misdiagnosis lawyers of Pasternak & Zirgibel understand that the tremendous pain and suffering that you and your loved ones have endured as a result of a doctor’s mistake.  We know the tragic effect that an improper diagnosis can have on a patient’s prognosis and we understand the dangers of treating the wrong condition.  We want to help you and your family recover from this event and we want to hold doctors who have committed malpractice liable for their actions.

Our firm of Milwaukee misdiagnosis lawyers represents clients throughout the state of Wisconsin including in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas such as Cudahy, West Allis, West Milwaukee, South Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, Wauwatosa, Shorewood, Franklin, Glendale, Greendale, Greenfield, Oak Creek, Washington County, Racine County, Waukesha County, Jefferson County and Ozaukee County.

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