Wisconsin IVC Filters Lawyers

For decades, the FDA had approved the use of retrievable inferior vena cava filters or IVC. The metal cage-like device was supposed to help prevent patients who suffered from blood clotting from serious injury or death, especially from clots entering their lungs. For 33 years, the government allowed almost 260,000 IVC filters to be inserted, only to discover that they were only making a bad situation worse.

Some may say that they just simply didn’t know any better; after all, medical science has come a long way. However, considering that only two major companies made the devices, many believe something more sinister, like a backroom deal with the FDA, allowed everyday people to be put at risk just to continue enabling them to make money off of those in dire health.

It has been documented that IVC filters have, in fact, saved lives. But they have also caused many more people a lot of pain. Side effects from IVC filter insertion surgeries have been reported to cause several symptoms often severely affecting a person’s quality of life. These are symptoms including:

  • An Irregular Heartbeat
  • Fainting, or Sudden Loss of Consciousness
  • Chest Pains
  • Difficulty Breathing or Sudden Loss of Breath
  • Perforation of the Patients’ Veins and Organs
  • Injuries Directly to the Heart
  • IVC Filter Fractures
  • IVC Filter Migrations
  • Cardiac Tamponade, or Fluid Buildup Around the Heart

Despite all of these documented complications, doctors may still recommend an IVC filter. In fact, your doctor may have recommended yours after sustaining a serious injury. The main recommendations for IVC insertion are:Brookfield Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Serious Car Accidents
  • Emergency Surgery
  • Recent Voluntary Surgery
  • Ongoing Dialysis
  • Ruptured or Injured Spinal Cords
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Falls Serious Enough to Cause Major Injury

If you have had a healthcare provider implant an IVC filter, you may have already suffered some of these symptoms. A major lawsuit is already underway as hundreds of patients just like you have become severely injured. At Pasternak & Zirgibel S.C., we want justice for you. Let us fight for you against those who make and recommend dangerous medical devices.

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