Milwaukee Dog Bites Lawyer

A Milwaukee dog bite lawyer understands that sometimes man’s best friend becomes man’s worst enemy.   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year.  Dog bites can result in painful injuries and extensive reconstructive surgeries.  Dog bites can also be serious enough to cause fatalities.

The most common victims are children; however, anyone can be a victim of a dog bite. Many attacks could have been prevented if dog owners properly socialized their animals and obeyed applicable leash laws. A Milwaukee dog bite attorney from Pasternak & Zirgibel understands the trauma that children and other dog bite victims endure after an attack and are committed to helping dog bite victims recover the costs associated with their injuries.

How a Milwaukee Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You

If you, or your child, have been hurt by a dog then it is important to contact an experienced Brookfield Wisconsin dog bite attorney.  Your attorney will meet with you for a free, no obligation consultation so that you can share the details about the incident and resulting medical problems and so that your attorney can explain Wisconsin dog law to you.  Wisconsin dog bite cases must be brought within three years of the date that the injury occurred so it is important to contact a Milwaukee dog bite accident lawyer as soon as possible after an injury occurs.

Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 174, Section 174.02 explains a dog owner’s liability for the actions of his animal.  In Wisconsin, a dog owner is liable for the full amount of damages caused by a dog that injures a person, another animal or personal property.  If the owner knew that the dog had hurt a person, animal or personal property previously then the owner is liable for two times the full amount of damages suffered by the victim.  The owner may also face fines and other legal penalties.

Contact an Experienced Milwaukee Dog Bite Attorney at Pasternak & Zirgibel

Dog bite cases often involve sensitive issues that require the skills of a compassionate Wisconsin dog bite lawyer.  Often, it can be a neighbor, friend or relative’s dog that hurt your child.  Each Milwaukee dog bite accident attorney at Pasternak & Zirgibel is sensitive to those issues and committed to helping you with your legal claims. We will help you negotiate a settlement in many cases and if a settlement is not possible then we will represent you at trial.

Each Milwaukee dog bite lawyer in our firm represents clients throughout the state of Wisconsin including in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas such as Cudahy, West Allis, West Milwaukee, South Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, Wauwatosa, Shorewood, Franklin, Glendale, Greendale, Greenfield, Oak Creek, Washington County, Racine County, Waukesha County, Jefferson County and Ozaukee County.

We invite you to call us at (262) 785-0802 or to fill out our online contact form. We would be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation at your convenience.  Our firm is committed to representing those who have been hurt in Wisconsin dog bite cases and we will not collect a fee unless you recover damages.