Practice Areas

Wisconsin attorneys may concentrate their practice in any area of Wisconsin law.  Many Wisconsin attorneys practicing personal injury law often have either very high volume personal injury practices (“mills”) or general practices where the personal injury practice makes up a very low percentage of their practice (“dabblers”) as Wisconsin attorneys.  Pasternak & Zirgibel S.C. is neither a personal injury mill nor dabblers.  Instead, we have a boutique practice that is dedicated only to plaintiffs’ personal injury litigation.

Our Wisconsin attorneys practice 100% plaintiffs’ personal injury litigation.  We limit acceptable cases to only those involving serious injuries such as fractures, surgery, scarring, permanent injury, disability, disfigurement, paralysis and wrongful death.  We do not emphasize quantity, like high volume advertisers operating personal injury mills, over quality.  Instead, we choose the clients we represent carefully from our southeastern Wisconsin community.   We also do not dabble.  We do not represent insurance companies, ever, we do not practice criminal law or divorce law or corporate law. If you need a referral to excellent Wisconsin lawyers who practice in those areas, you are welcome to call us for a referral at (262) 785-0802.  However, we only handle Wisconsin personal injury cases, which would include those involving the practice areas shown here.