Do you charge for a consult? The initial conversations and consultations you have with the firm are free with no obligation or cost. 

What are your focus areas of law? The firm focuses only in cases involving injuries, death or insurance. 

Do you charge by the hour? No. The firm works on a contingent fee basis. The fee is a 1/3 fee unless the matter is complex or involves malpractice. 

What is a contingent fee? Under a contingent fee, the firm only gets paid if you receive a recovery. 

What expenses should I expect in a personal injury case? Primary expenses include litigation costs, fees for medical reports and records made by experts. 

Who covers expenses presented in cases? The firm pays expenses up front and you agree to repay such expenses with the proceeds of your recovery. 

Do you receive referrals from other lawyers? Yes – numerous Wisconsin attorneys and Illinois lawyers refer plantiffs’ personal injury cases to the firm.

What types of matters have you handled professionaly in the past? Almost exclusively plantiffs’ personal injury cases.

Is your law firm highly rated? According to an independent company that obtains confidential opinions from lawyers and judges we have an “exemplary reputation and well-established practice” and “very high ethical standards”. 

Are you licensed in any other state? No, but lawyers may practice in other states on a temporary basis, which is why our lawyers have been involved in cases nationwide. 

Do you refer work to other attorneys? Yes – since the firm’s focus is limited we often refer clients to other lawyers who focus in the area of their needs. 

How many matters have you handled? This is hard to put an exact number to, but it is fair to estimate cases handled is in the thousands. 

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