Why Choose Us

Pasternak & Zirgibel’s philosophy is based upon a dedication to serving and protecting its clients and community.  This commitment has enhanced both the firm’s reputation as one of Wisconsin’s top personal injury law firms and the results obtained on behalf of clients.  In addition, unlike many Milwaukee area personal injury lawyers, the law firm advertises minimally and limits the number of cases handled to those involving serious personal injury, such as burns, paralysis, fractures, surgery, scarring, permanent injury, disability, disfigurement or death. 

Without excessive advertising, our personal injury law firm keeps costs low, which is important to clients because this allows us to keep our case volume low and guarantee that you get the service you deserve.  This allows our firm to obtain fair and just results for you because personal injury attorneys who handle hundreds of cases often forget about their clients or pass them off to other lawyers at their law firm.  In fact, at least two injury law firms in Milwaukee have a lawyer as the face of the firm, but that lawyer never litigates lawsuits.  In our opinion, this type of law firm is a “personal injury mill” and not the type of law firm injured victims ever need.

Lawyers and former clients choose to refer people to Pasternak & Zirgibel because they know we are committed to pursuing justice and that every client is served completely by one of the best personal injury lawyers in Wisconsin.  Our lawyers don’t pretend to be actors or T.V. stars. We are highly experienced, trustworthy trial lawyers getting great results. We guarantee that when you choose our firm one of our senior partners, Frank Pasternak or Jeff Zirgibel, will be personally responsible for your case and you will never be treated like a number or pawned off on some young inexperienced “quick settlement” lawyer.

Our Brookfield, Wisconsin law firm is here to serve you. We are highly rated, likable lawyers dedicated to serving you and protecting our community.