The Dangers of Talcum Powder and Your Infant

milwaukee-wi-personal-injury-lawyer     Prior to using talcum powder on you or your infant, know that not all powder items are baby-safe. Body powders, along with baby powders, having talc as an ingredient might do more damage to you and your baby.

      Talc Is Like Asbestos

Talc is a rock that is mined and refined by crushing and grinding, drying out the grinded products, and   then grating them. Through handling, a variety of trace element are gotten rid of, but some fibers that   are like asbestos are not divided. Talc, as it is cheap and available everywhere, is the cornerstone of the majority of talcum powders (scented and medicated). It is dangerous to inhale any type of talcum powder. Body powder is used to keep skin smelling good. Lots of people are still unaware of the link between talc and asbestos. Actually, these two chemicals are quite similar.

Talc Causes Cancer

Bits of talc could trigger lung and ovarian cancer. Researches have plainly shown that continuous and duplicated usage of talcum powder in the woman’s genital location result in cancer cells. Talc has the ability to get around inside the reproductive organs and ends up in the lining of the ovaries. Research studies reveal that talc fragments are located in the ovarian cancer tumor and scientists claim that women with ovarian tumors have the routine of using talcum powder in their genital area.

Powder Breathing Causes Deaths

Considering that the very early 1980’s, documents confirm that a number of infants pass away yearly as a result of unintentional talcum powder inhaling. Talc is a house risk. It is utilized on infants to prevent diaper breakout and to soak up wetness in the skin, keeping babies dry and fresh. Evidently, cleaning with baby powder jeopardizes your infant’s lungs because of the possibility of inhaling the product. It threatens to expose your infant to this disease. Swelling and inflammation of the lungs could occur when the powder is breathed in, and therefore may lead to developing breath difficulties.


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