Health Care Fraud & Whistleblower Lawsuits


Yesterday, the Milwaukee Division of the F.B.I. indicted a Wisconsin spine surgeon on 13 counts of health care fraud, Milwaukee Doctor Indicted on Health Care Fraud Charges.  Frequently, cases of this type are the result of civil whistleblower lawsuits.  Wisconsin whistleblower lawyers are one line of defense against health care fraud, especially Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud.

Health care fraud costs taxpayers and the federal government millions, if not billions of dollars each year.  The passage of the Affordable Care Act likely only increases the federal government’s potential exposure to such fraud.   Whistle blower lawsuits are very often brought by current or former employees of health care companies.  Usually, these employees are the only people who know about the abuses within a hospital, hospice, physician’s office, nursing home, or other medical facility.  These current or former employees may know how health care providers are defrauding Medicare or Medicaid.  Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud may include phantom charges (as in the case of the allegations at issue in the case of the Milwaukee surgeon), overcharging, and falsifying data.

Wisconsin has more than 10,000 health care companies and in the Milwaukee area, the largest health care businesses include Aurora Health Care, Froedtert Health, Medical College of Wisconsin, Columbia St. Mary’s, ProHealth Care, Inc., and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.

If you or someone you know is employed or was employed by a health care provider in any capacity and is aware of Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud, you should contact an attorney who can discuss the potential for a whistleblower lawsuit.  Under federal law, whistleblowers can be awarded a portion of the federal government’s recovery.