Business Interruption Claims Denied – Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid19 Business Interruption ClaimsInsurance companies are great at taking premiums but often not so great at paying claims. Throughout the United States, businesses paid premiums for business interruption insurance. Now, these companies and corporations, which relied on their business interruption insurance safety net, are being cast aside by insurers.  Insurers are claiming that a catastrophe like the Coronavirus and COVID-19 is not a covered loss relying on certain policy language.  Insurers apparently prefer to have premium paying customers look to the government and our children’s future to pay for business interruption.

Businesses and Industries Affected

Certain insurance companies, however, can be held accountable.  Businesses in the following industries should ask us for a free review of their insurance business interruption policies: accounting and consulting, apparel and clothing stores, automotive dealers and suppliers, construction, dentists, orthodontists, dermatologists and other physicians, employment companies, fitness and gyms, hotels and hospitality, manufacturers, movie theaters, restaurants, travel, etc. If your business insurer denied a business interruption claim, call us. We may be in the position to help recoup your company’s losses.

Surplus Line Insurance Carriers

This may be especially true if your insurer is a surplus line insurance company such as the following largest:

American International Group
Markel Corporation Group
Berkshire Hathaway Ins. Group
W. R. Berkley Insurance Group
Nationwide Group
Chubb INA Group
AXA U.S. Group
Fairfax Financial (USA) Group
Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies
Alleghany Insurance Holdings Group
Zurich Financial Services Group NA
Argo Group
Tokio Marine U.S. PC Group
QBE Americas Group
Sompo Holdings U.S. Group
AXIS U.S. Operations
James River Group
Starr International Group
Great American P&C Group
CNA Insurance Companies
Swiss Reinsurance Group
Aspen U.S. Insurance Group
Arch Insurance Group
Navigators Insurance Group
Everest Re U.S. Group

Lawsuits around the U.S. have already been filed against Aspen, Cincinnati Insurance, CNA, and Society Insurance.  A first in line position will be critical in recovering business losses.

Intersection Crashes - Milwaukee's Most Dangerous Intersections - Waukesha CountyIntersection crashes are too common in Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  This is because Waukesha County has 75% of the most dangerous intersections in suburban Milwaukee, which includes intersections in Brookfield, Delafield, Elm Grove, New Berlin, Pewaukee, and Waukesha.  This news comes to us from a recent report based on Wisconsin Department of Transportation crash data.

Where are the most intersection crashes in suburban Milwaukee?

Crashes take place commonly at the following most dangerous intersections in suburban Milwaukee:

  1. Highway 45/41 & Capitol Drive in Wauwatosa
  2. I-94 & Highway 164 in Pewaukee
  3. I-94 & Highway 83 in Delafield
  4. West Greenfield Avenue & Moorland Road on the border of Brookfield & New Berlin
  5. I-94 & Moorland in Brookfield
  6. Port Washington Road & Silver Spring Drive in Glendale
  7. I-94 & Highway F in Pewaukee
  8. Bluemound Road & Barker Road in Brookfield
  9. Bluemound Road & Moorland Road/Pilgrim Parkway in Elm Grove
  10. Les Paul Parkway & East Racine Avenue in Waukesha
  11. East Moreland Boulevard & Kossow Road in Waukesha
  12. Highway 100/South 108th Street & West Lincoln Avenue in West Allis

What causes intersection crashes?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s study of intersection crashes, such car accidents are usually caused by: illegal maneuvers, inattentive or distracted driving, driving with an obstructed view, and making false assumptions.  Especially relevant, turning left in front of an oncoming car is very often the negligent act causing intersection crashes.

Reliability of Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews can be confusing. If you live in Wisconsin, you know Wisconsin attorneys advertise too much. Sadly, the Internet is worse. Not only do national outfits run ads, but Google Ads even put two Wisconsin personal injury law firms in court. Plus, Web reviews may be faked or quickly go from a couple to dozens. Be careful with too many Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews, as that may be a sign of fakes.

Best Place for ReviewsLinkedIn Logo

The best place to find Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews, and most professional reviews, is LinkedIn’s Recommendations. Unlike 90% of social media, it’s hard to fake a good LinkedIn profile. More important, you usually only connect on it through someone you know or trust. Knowing and trust your lawyer is key. You may feel like you know some pseudo-celebrity t.v. advertising lawyer, but can you trust them? And do you really know them? With LinkedIn, you may find someone you personally know or trust did a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer review.

Reviews are a Tool in the Tool ChestWisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews - Just a tool - Best Lawyers U.S. News

Wisconsin personal injury lawyer reviews are only a tool. LinkedIn is best, but whether its Google, Yelp, or another, see reviews as just a tool in the tool chest. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer is essential. If you find someone you know or trust reviewed a lawyer, then that is a good start.

Next, make sure the lawyer is respected. Check their website and look for honors like The Best Lawyers In America, SuperLawyers, AV Martindale-Hubbell ratings, Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, and U.S. News & World Report. Those honors are important since how other lawyers view your attorney matters more then how the public votes in some popularity contest – if you want the best result.

Finally, call the lawyer’s office and see whether you get to talk to one of the highly rated senior partners. If not, then you should not hire them.

Call Us for a Referral

Note, if you need a lawyer in another area of law (criminal, divorce, will, etc.), feel free to call us for a Wisconsin Lawyer Referral.

A Wisconsin uninsured driver (or underinsured) is a major problem. Buying car insurance in Wisconsin is important and today I read a client’s Wisconsin car insurance policy reminding me. The car insurance does not protect my client enough.

Wisconsin consumers we help are smart. They are wise enough to get referred to attorneys who are not a heavy advertising lawyer-mill and know when lawyers are skilled in their area of law. This is mainly why I am surprised at this car insurance policy.Buying Car Insurance in Wisconsin Uninsured Driver+

The Car Insurance Policy

This car insurance is bad because its limits are:

Bodily Injury $100,000 per person/$300,000 per occurrence
Property Damage $100,000 per occurrence
Medical Payments $5,000 per person
Uninsured Motorist $50,000 per person/$100,000 per occurrence

Underinsured Car Insurance in Wisconsin

Notice, UNDERINSURED MOTORIST is not listed.  In my opinion, underinsured motorist insurance is one of the most important, you must buy it. If it is not listed on your policy, call your agent now. This insurance protects you and your family from bad drivers with little car insurance. Everyone should carry underinsured car insurance limits of at least $250,000 per person.

Wisconsin Uninsured Driver

Second, notice the UNINSURED MOTORIST limit is only $50,000. This is very low. In Wisconsin, lobbyists for insurance companies (American Family, State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, Sentry, GEICO, Wilson Mutual, USAA, etc.) got our Governor and legislature to destroy Wisconsin car insurance law in 2011. The car insurance law changes hurt you by reducing the value of all Wisconsin car insurance you bought. Uninsured driver insurance protects you and your family from the worst – a Wisconsin uninsured driver – someone with NO CAR INSURANCE. These are reckless drivers, which is why residents buying car insurance in Wisconsin should carry at least $250,000 per person in car insurance against an uninsured driver.

Medical Payments Car Insurance

Third, the medical payments limit of $5,000 per person is too low. The amount needed for that insurance will depend on your Wisconsin health insurance policy. Typically, werecommend at least $10,000 in medical payments insurance.

“Full Coverage”

Some people think their insurance agent gave them “full coverage” but often that is not true. You need car insurance not only to protect your assets but to protect you and your family. I cannot stress enough the need to have sizable uninsured driver and underinsured motorist limits. We see tragic car crashes and injuries every day and uninsured driver and underinsured motorist policies protect you best but only if you buy enough insurance.

Umbrella Car Insurance – Underinsured/Uninsured Driver in Wisconsin

Finally, if you can, do what we do. Don’t just buy car insurance but buy an UMBRELLA POLICY with an UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED RIDER. Umbrella insurance is cheap given the amount of coverage you can buy, which is often $1,000,000 or $2,000,000, and adding an underinsured and uninsured driver rider is easy.

What Next?

It bears repeating – uninsured and underinsured car insurance protects you. Buy it for yourself to protect you and your family from Wisconsin drivers who have no car insurance or little car insurance! And then if an uninsured driver hits you, do not trust your insurer to pay up, as Allstate’s Claims Manual shows those represented by personal injury lawyers get about 3 times money more than those who do not have reputable personal injury attorneys.

Brookfield, WI – Wisconsin's Top Injury Lawyers - Pasternak & ZirgibelInjury lawyers Frank Pasternak and Jeff Zirgibel honored in this month’s Milwaukee Magazine as two of Wisconsin’s top injury lawyers.  We are in it via Thomsen Reuters yearly Super Lawyers issue.  Both Frank Pasternak and Jeff Zirgibel receive statewide honors being named to the Top 50 Wisconsin Super Lawyers list.

What are Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers is a Thomsen Reuters magazine.  Through peer-review, Super Lawyers finds attorneys who are in the top 5% of all Wisconsin attorneys.  Furthermore, Super Lawyers cuts this down by publishing a Top 50 list.

Top 50 List

Only ten law firms on that Wisconsin Super Lawyers Top 50 list practice 100% plaintiffs personal injury law.  Also, only two such law firms have more than one attorney on that Top 50 list.  Hence, those two law firms are:

  • Habush Habush & Rottier, various offices
  • Pasternak & Zirgibel, Brookfield, WI

Additionally, only two plaintiffs personal injury law firms with any attorney on that Wisconsin Super Lawyers Top 50 list are in Waukesha County.  Hence, those two law firms with the listed attorney(s) in ( ) are:

  • Cannon & Dunphy, Brookfield, WI (Patrick Dunphy)
  • Pasternak & Zirgibel, Brookfield, WI (Frank Pasternak and Jeff Zirgibel)

Two of Wisconsin’s Top Injury Lawyers

Further, nowhere on that Top 50 list are some of the heaviest advertising injury attorneys in Wisconsin.  Also, missing are attorneys who dabble in personal injury.  Accordingly, Wisconsin injury victims (car crashes, asbestos, mesothelioma, wrongful death, malpractice, product liability, property liability, etc.) need to ignore advertising hype.  Victims need to hire the best attorneys for their injury case.  As a result of this peer recognition, you now know two of Wisconsin’s top injury lawyers.

Finally, with about 15,000 lawyers in Wisconsin, we feel truly blessed to be recognized in the Top 50 Wisconsin Super Lawyers due to the work we do on behalf of our community!

Prilosec and Nexium: The Side Effects You Need to Know About
Medical professionals know that antacids don’t do anything for heartburn, gas, or acid reflux. As a matter of fact, doctors have known this since these drugs have come on the market. What drugs like Prilosec and Nexium do is they just suppress the condition, but they don’t help it at all. If you have taken on the habit of taking these medications on a continuous basis, you are going to develop grave health issues, such as malnutrition. Not being able to give your body the nutrients it requires will result in the conditions that most seniors suffer from.

Because your mouth and stomach are the first step in getting nutrients into your body, you don’t want this to happen. If you are taking Prilosec or Nexium, it’s time you re-evaluated the use of these drugs.

Fact 1: Your stomach is created to have a pH of 3.0 or less, much more acidic.
Truth 2: When you tolerate pH is constantly more than 3.0, more alkaline, your stomach produces diseases.
Fact 3: Taking Prilosec or Nexium increases and keeps your belly pH above 3.0 or higher.

When your belly has the appropriate pH, it absorbs your food to ensure that:
~The meat you eat is broken down into amino acids that you take in later on
~Vitamins are created from the food you eat
~Vitamins are divided out from the food you consume
~Minerals are maintained in service for later absorption
When your stomach pH gets higher than 3.0, It produces more acid. When heartburn or indigestion drug disrupts belly acid by raising it pH above 3.0, the stomach is no longer working like it should be. It is creating chemical mixes that are not usable by your body. What it is creating is impacting other organs, like the colon. It causes these body organs to malfunction and they cannot absorb and soak up the nutrients from the food you ate.

Brookfield Wisconsin’s Law Firm at Pasternak and Zirgibel will take care of you if you where affected by this drug.  Please give us a call at 262-785-0802.

milwaukee-wi-personal-injury-lawyer     Prior to using talcum powder on you or your infant, know that not all powder items are baby-safe. Body powders, along with baby powders, having talc as an ingredient might do more damage to you and your baby.

      Talc Is Like Asbestos

Talc is a rock that is mined and refined by crushing and grinding, drying out the grinded products, and   then grating them. Through handling, a variety of trace element are gotten rid of, but some fibers that   are like asbestos are not divided. Talc, as it is cheap and available everywhere, is the cornerstone of the majority of talcum powders (scented and medicated). It is dangerous to inhale any type of talcum powder. Body powder is used to keep skin smelling good. Lots of people are still unaware of the link between talc and asbestos. Actually, these two chemicals are quite similar.

Talc Causes Cancer

Bits of talc could trigger lung and ovarian cancer. Researches have plainly shown that continuous and duplicated usage of talcum powder in the woman’s genital location result in cancer cells. Talc has the ability to get around inside the reproductive organs and ends up in the lining of the ovaries. Research studies reveal that talc fragments are located in the ovarian cancer tumor and scientists claim that women with ovarian tumors have the routine of using talcum powder in their genital area.

Powder Breathing Causes Deaths

Considering that the very early 1980’s, documents confirm that a number of infants pass away yearly as a result of unintentional talcum powder inhaling. Talc is a house risk. It is utilized on infants to prevent diaper breakout and to soak up wetness in the skin, keeping babies dry and fresh. Evidently, cleaning with baby powder jeopardizes your infant’s lungs because of the possibility of inhaling the product. It threatens to expose your infant to this disease. Swelling and inflammation of the lungs could occur when the powder is breathed in, and therefore may lead to developing breath difficulties.


Brookfield Wi. Personal Injury Law Firm will take care of you or your loved one if they have been effected.  We can review and assest each case.  Contact your local law firm at 262- 785-0802.



Ok, I wanted to cover a few things quick on actually hiring a personal injury lawyer, because I’m seeing a lot of bad information out there regarding it. I don’t know if people base hiring us off of TV shows or movies or something, but a lot of people are pretty clueless when it comes to finding an injury lawyer. This not only hurts them, but it makes our jobs that much more difficult, especially when it comes time to sending the bill.


The first thing to ask is “is this lawyer even any good?” That can be a tough call, especially with lesser-known law firms. Here’s the deal; there isn’t exactly “Yelp” for lawyers, and everyone claims to be the best. And some of these guys, when you ask them for their credentials, just wind up talking about themselves and then bill you a “consultation”. That’s a sure fire way to know you don’t want them, but then again, by that point they’re already billing you.

For instance, at Pasternak and Zirgibel, S.C., we let our track record speaks for itself. We’ve become nationally recognized for our injury law cases, so you know you’re getting a great law team for your needs. There’s no guesswork when you call us, because we’ll give you the best representation in the state, if not the country.


The next thing to ask is “are they even experienced?” Here’s the deal. Over the past few years, injury lawyer referral services have been springing up left and right. And with it, brand new lawyers who may have not even tried a case before. Yes, you do have to be bar certified to participate in these programs, but at the end of the day, these are for-profit services. They don’t care what level of representation you have; these are lawyers just trying to boost their numbers, and these are services just trying to make a quick buck off of you.

The best thing you can do is avoid the referral services altogether. You aren’t going to know what you’re going to get until you wind up in the court room, and you’re paying more for bad representation after the referral service gets their cut. Instead, use an actual law firm with a proven track record. For instance, at Pasternak and Zirgibel, S.C., we’ve won millions of dollars in awards for our clients. And when those referral services stick you with ambulance chasers, we’re a firm taking on the big guys.

Choosing a personal injury lawyer is a lot like choosing a plastic surgeon. Sure, you could find a super cheap doctor in Mexico, but all you’re doing is putting yourself at risk. We’ve seen the same thing happen in court; people hire the absolute cheapest personal injury lawyer they can find, and they are absolutely eaten alive by the corporate guys.

The initial costs of hiring a lawyer may seem steep, but when you consider the amount of awards you could receive, it’s definitely worth it. I mean, we’ve fought against mesothelioma wrongful death cases from asbestos use, and we won our clients over $25 million. That definitely pays off legal fees, and then some.

When you need personal injury lawyers, the best bet is to choose someone like us. You can contact us directly through http://injurywisconsin.com/.

Before coming to Wisconsin, Attorney Pasternak previously worked at Corboy Demetrio Clifford, and recently our friends at Clifford Law Offices received a $22.7 million jury verdict in a wrongful death case involving the death of a 31-year-old man who died in a senseless truck crash.  Some of details of the jury’s verdict can be found here and without a doubt, the heroic jury in this case just made the roads incrementally safer for all of us.

Whether it’s impaired driving or distracted driving, the threat to our community is real.  Though every wrongful death case is different, verdicts such as this one make our roads safer. Our hope is that Wisconsin’s negligent drivers are always held fully accountable for the deaths they cause.  Imagine that your child or spouse is wrongfully killed by such a driver, isn’t that what you would want?

Nearly 4.Wisconsin Distracted Driving lawyers5 million people were killed or seriously injured in car crashes on our roads according to the National Safety Council.  Every single day of 2015, more than 100 people died on our roadways causing the number of car crash related deaths to grow by the largest percentage in 50 years.  According to car insurance executive Warren Buffett, the major cause of this huge increase is distracted driving.

Distracted driving is a dangerous threat to all of us and the most recent form of distracted driving comes from mobile devices.  We have all seen it – drivers checking emails, mobile notifications, Facebook, Twitter, and texting, etc.  It’s a threat to our entire community and must be stopped.

Whether it’s a driver on a two-lane highway who misses a bend in the road or crosses the center line, or a driver who runs through a red light or stop sign at an intersection, distracted drivers betray our trust by choosing to break the rules of the road.  As a result, millions of random victims are killed or seriously injured in car crashes by distracted drivers.

The only way to keep those of us on the road safe is to hold distracted drivers fully accountable for their neglect.  In Wisconsin, this is exactly what personal injury attorneys Pasternak & Zirgibel, S.C. seek to do – help keep our roads safe by holding distracted drivers accountable.

Wisconsin law provides that drivers who break the rules of the road are to be held liable.  This includes negligent distracted drivers.  Wisconsin law says that it holds such drivers liable in order to: (1) compensate the injured victim of such negligence, and (2) deter other drivers from breaking the rules of the road in the future.

For more information see also NHTSA’s  page for distracted driving.