Actos Bladder Cancer

Wisconsin Actos Bladder Cancer LawyersIt’s been almost two years since European authorities reviewing the safety of Actos (pioglitazone) warned diabetics around the world that Actos has been shown to cause bladder cancer.

Epidemiological studies conducted in France showed an increased risk of bladder cancer with use of Actos’ ingredients and as a result of the French study France halted  the use of Actos.  In addition, Germany recommended that new diabetes patients no longer be prescribed Actos.  In response to European regulators actions, the FDA has thus far only revised the drug label for Actos with warnings related to bladder cancer.

Wisconsin diabetics who used Actos and suffered bladder cancer afterwards should consult an attorney.  Presently, the FDA is not doing everything it should to protect U.S. diabetics from Actos caused bladder cancer.  Actos is a dangerous diabetes drug and its manufacturer, Japanese drug maker Takeda, must be held responsible for the victims’ bladder cancer and related damages.   Pasternak & Zirgibel is actively pursuing potential Wisconsin Actos bladder cancer lawsuits.